Archives 2006


Urotensin-II expression in the mouse spinal cord.

Egginger JG, Camus A, Calas A.

J Chem Neuroanat, 2006 Feb;31(2):146-54.

Lien vers l'article:  16361078


Mycobacterium tuberculosis heparin-binding haemagglutinin adhesin (HBHA) triggers receptor-mediated transcytosis without altering the integrity of tight junctions.

Menozzi FD, Reddy VM, Cayet D, Raze D, Debrie AS, Dehouck MP, Cecchelli R, Locht C.

Microbes Infect., 2006 Jan;8(1):1-9.

Lien vers l'article:  15914062


Differential expression of selectins by mouse brain capillary endothelial cells in vitro in response to distinct inflammatory stimuli.

Coisne C, Faveeuw C, Delplace Y, Dehouck L, Miller F, Cecchelli R, Dehouck B.

Neurosci Lett, 2006 Jan 16;392(3):216-20.

Lien vers l'article:  16214291


Highly purified lipoteichoic acid from gram-positive bacteria induces in vitro blood-brain barrier disruption through glia activation: role of pro-inflammatory cytokines and nitric oxide.

Boveri M, Kinsner A, Berezowski V, Lenfant AM, Draing C, Cecchelli R, Dehouck MP, Hartung T, Prieto P, Bal-Price A.

Neuroscience, 2006;137(4):1193-209.

Lien vers l'article:  16343789


How cyclodextrins can mask their toxic effect on the blood-brain barrier.

Binkowski-Machut C, Hapiot F, Martin P, Cecchelli R, Monflier E.

Bioorg Med Chem Lett., 2006 Apr 1;16(7):1784-7.

Lien vers l'article:  16442287


Methylated beta-cyclodextrin as P-gp modulators for deliverance of doxorubicin across an in vitro model of blood-brain barrier.

Tilloy S, Monnaert V, Fenart L, Bricout H, Cecchelli R, Monflier E.

Bioorg Med Chem Lett., 2006 Apr 15;16(8):2154-7.

Lien vers l'article:  16464592


Mass spectrometric approach for screening modifications of total serum N-glycome in human diseases: application to cirrhosis.

Morelle W, Flahaut C, Michalski JC, Louvet A, Mathurin P, Klein A.

Glycobiology., 2006, 16:281-93.

Lien vers l'article:  16339757